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Category Taxi Company
Company name Mike Parmakellis taxi service
Station  Molivos/Molyvos
Region All over Lesbos
Taxi Company Mike 
Seats 4 seats
Spoken language(s) Greek, English
Phone +306974463299
E-mail  taxiservice@lesvos-web.com


   Lesbos Lesvos Greece Island



Mike his taxi is stationed at Molivos Taxi station and Kalloni taxi station in front of Molivos village at the cross road to Eftalou and its next to the school of Molivos and Kalloni taxi station in Kalloni.


Mike's taxi service is open all year round, 7 days a week, all over the Island  and has 24 hours service. His taxies can accommodate 4 people and if you need more people to transfer Mike will arrange more taxies for you. If you like you can arrange this taxi transfer from the Aiport or harbour from your home address by just caling him or sending an email. Please tel him what accommodation your have booked so he can take you there and let us know too. A safe trip because Mike will take his time to bring you to your accommodation.



Open 7 days a week 24 hour service

Air-conditioning / heating yes     both
Roof rack yes      
Baby seat yes      
Credit cards accepted   no  cash only   
Language(s) spoken     Greek, English German 

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