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FROM UK  to Mytilini (MJT)
There are direct charter flights to Lesbos from Gatwick and Manchester every Thursday. 
For flight bookings try the following:
,this online booking Company offers good value charter flights with most of the usual operators from the UK like Unijet or First Choice (this is the new name for air2000!) They're ABTA bonded, so that gives the traveller some security. EasyJet this Company runs daily scheduled flights from London - Luton Airport to Athens. It's worth checking out the less popular days, like Monday from Luton for some really cheap deals. British Airways You can often get some good deals to Athens on World Offers. New is www.XL.com and has good offers.
There are low-cost flights to Lesvos’ Mytilene International Airport from most major UK airports. Direct flights to Mitilini from London take about 4 to 5 hours. Mytilene Airport(MJT) is located  around 4 miles (6km) south east of  Capital Mitilene on the Island of Lesvos.

Which airlines fly to Lesvos
Olympic Airways, British Airways and Brussels Airlines operate flights to Molivos from Gatwick. Aegean Airlines operates flights from Heathrow and Stansted while Aegean Airlines, Air France, British Midlands and KLM offer flights from Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh and Bristol. British Midlands operates indirect flights from Norwich. Charter airlines, First Choice and Monarch, fly from Gatwick, while Thomsonfly operate cheap flights from Manchester.

From GERMANY  to Mytilini (MJT)
There are direct charter flights to Lesbos from Düsseldorf and Munich every Wednesday throughout the 6 summer months. LTU This Company offers direct flights to Lesbos from Germany. Hapag-Lloyd Flug via Athens or Thessalonica,  http://www35.germanwings.com/index.de.shtml offers flights from Köln to Athens & Thessalonica and from Stuttgart to Thessalonica. The Greek companies Olympic Airways and Aegean Airlines  (from Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, München) with the advantage that your baggage is checked through to Mytilini, your final destination. If that " kommt Ihnen Spanisch vor" and you prefer somebody else to do all this job for you, from air tickets up to hotel booking, then contact vamos Eltern-Kind-Reisen - der Reisespezialist für Reisen mt ... this is a small travel Company based in Hannover with lovely people ready to help you.

From BELGIUM to Mytilini (MJT)
Sobelair this used to be a charter Company offering direct flights from Belgium...!

From DENMARK to Mytilini (MJT)
There are direct charter flights to Lesbos from Copenhagen with Maersk Air and http://www.apollorejser.dk

From SWEDEN to Mytilini (MJT) direct flights with http://www.apollo.se


From NORWAY to Mytilini (MJT)
Direct flights with http://www.apollo.no


From SWITZERLAND  to Mytilini (MJT)
There are direct charter flights to Lesbos from ZurichEdelweiss Air  This is the usual company offering direct flights from Switzerland. If that " kommt Ihnen Spanisch vor" and you prefer somebody else to do all this job for you, from air tickets up to hotel booking, then contact Parikos Reisen - der Ferien Spezialist für Griechenland, this used to be a small travel Company that now belongs to Esco but they still work with separate brochure and individuals.  You can also contact our friend Anika at ANIKAS REISEN AG - LUZERN, a small Reisebüro with lovely people willing to help you.

Coming via Athens or Thessalonica  
There are two Companies: Olympic and Aegean. Do not forget that you do not pay airport taxes twice if your flight to Lesbos is not later than 24 hours from your previous flight.  It's worth checking with Olympic Airways or Aegean Airlines , particularly if it's not high season and provided you book well in advance. They will often quote competitive prices right through to Mytilini (MJT), with the advantage that your luggage is checked through to your final destination.

From USA or CANADA  
There are no direct flights from America to Lesbos - airport Mytilini (MJT).
E great option for cheap tickets from the US is Cheapoair.com .
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Travellers from North America might like to consider buying a cheap flight to Athens and then a scheduled flight or the ferry to Lesbos or a cheap flight to London Heathrow or Gatwick and then getting a direct charter flight from London Gatwick

From Holland  
Directe vluchten van Apil tot en met october via Schiphol naar Lesbos -Mytilini (MJT). Alternatief is via Brussel of Dusseldorf of Berlijn. Het gehele jaar door kun je met Olympic Airways or Aegean Airlines  iedere dag via Athene vliegen. De reiburo's waar wij mee samenwerken zijn
Select International in Utrecht voor al uw tickets 030-2318408 


Lesvos Island | Lesbos Cheap flights to Lesbos - Mitilini - Lesbos island - Lesvos, Greece


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