Lesvos Island - sales products of Lesbos, Aegean Island of Greece



The Greek guide about walking / hiking in Molivos, Petra and Anaxos areas of Lesbos, Island of Greece.
Here you will find information about the book including of course wher to buy it.
and a latest update at the bottum of this page of changes since publication of the latest edition.

Do you want to explore the countryside & villages around Molivos & Petra and Enjoy walking?
Whether you feel like a short stroll or an all-day hike, the 26 walks in the book:

It will guide you step by step along the local tracks and paths through some of the best scenery and to some of the most interesting places in the area.
Visit traditional villages, olive groves, orchards, pastures, forests, and cliff tops; also ruined water mills, abandoned Turkish villages, Roman baths, a battlefield and a mountain-top.

Extracts & Reviews

"...To reach the summit take this track, and follow it back round the side of
 the mountain as it climbs high above Petri and the plain of Petra..." (Walk 16)

 "We are looking forward to returning to Lesvos next summer
and tackling more of your walks!"  MEJ 2008

"...After fifteen minutes the track arrives at a
 whitewashed stone circle on the left housing
 an open-air chapel. Behind it is a new chapel....
At about 460m (1500ft) this is the highest point
 of the walk; from here it is downhill all the way
 to Stipsi..... Behind the chapel is a walnut tree where
 you can celebrate with a drink in the shade."(Walk 11)

"After 2 -3 days without exercise I was becoming extremely irritable...My wife discovered
 your book, and prescribed 'let's try some walking.'
Great stuff!! - we completed several of the routes you described; most enjoyable -
our marriage was back in business!"  JB, Lancashire, 2002

"The cliff path climbs between walls, passes through
 a gate, and continues along a short steep rocky stretch.
  It levels out and then begins to descend round the head
 of a tiny cove with an isolated chapel built above
 the beach.  After about fifteen minutes drop down
 to the beach" (Walk 25)

 "...the best guide I have read to this area of the island. Written by someone
 who loves the place as much as I do and the directions are clear
 and the walks well-timed. Maunder also has an easy style of writing
 and it is very straight forward." SM, Cheshire, 2002



I am Mike Maunder, the book's author publisher and I first me to Molivos, like most people, on a two-week package holiday  in the spring of 1996, decided that this was 'my' Island,  returned again and again; eventually found a house in an olive grove to rent, and now spend almost half the year here.
From my first visit I have spent much of my time walking, gradually exploring the surrounding countryside on the principle of 'I wonder where that track goes?', and going to find out (the answer, as often as not, turns out to be 'to a dead-end in impenetrable undergrowth halfway up a mountain' - but that's part of the fun).
This led seven years ago to a 14-walk booklet which has since grown into:


 Lesvos Island - sales products of Lesbos, Aegean Island of Greece

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